Hey everyone! I’m new to this so bare with me if this has already been answered, but i am looking to apply to Medical school In punjab, mainly lahore and was wondering if instead of having a IBCC certificate i can obtain a a certificate from HEC instead? Since i now have my bachelors and have taken science course at a community college but when I attended a Univeristy I switched to econ because I wasn’t sure about my path to medicine but I just graduated and i am for sure I want to attend Medical school in pakistan. I have signed up for the SATII because i know that’s needed but I’m just worried about them wanting my high school info which i don’t even remember if i took all the science courses they want and if i got good grades in them. But my junior college I did take those and since they were at college level shouldn’t it be equal at least? Hope someone gets back to me! Thank you! Also any alums out there please reach out I would
love some guidance!