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So I'm applying to Ziauddin as a overseas pakistani but I got mid and low 600s on my SAT2 subjects. Do you think I should retake me tests? I haven't since this score is more then the minimum PMDC 550 requirement
Honestly I think it's up to you. From what I can remember, Ziauddin doesn't pay too much attention on SAT II scores, just as long as you meet the PMDC requirements of 550 on the three sciences. All you need to ensure is that you have good school grades. They never asked me for the score during my application, and they said you can submit them whenever you want, which shows that it is not important to them. It is a PMDC requirement, not a Ziauddin requirement, so you can even submit your scores after they admit you probably lol. I would highly suggest to ask the university's admissions department on the weightage of SAT II scores.

Where are you applying from btw?