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Forum Rules
General Rules
English Only
Only English is allowed. Write in another language and we will delete it. Writing in shorthand (similar to typing a SMS) by using words such as u, dun, lyk, nt, c00l, etc is prohibited. It does not make you cool, it only makes us think that you're a toddler. Spelling is important. If you don't know how to spell, use a spell checker. Posts with terrible spelling will be deleted.

Disrespecting other members will not be tolerated at Med Studentz so please be mindful of what and how you post. If you think a particular post is inappropriate, please report it to a Moderator using the Report Post tool (a button at the lower left corner of all posts - it looks like a triangle with an exclamation mark inside it) and request that the post be reviewed.

Thread Titles

The title of a post is meant to be a very brief and accurate description of what your question is about. Do not create a thread saying "Help Me Plzz" otherwise we will delete it. Adding a lot of symbols such as '?' or '!' in a post title will get your thread deleted. A post with an effective title will get more views than one with a useless title.

Choose the Correct Section Before You Post
Before posting a new thread, look at all the forums and make sure you post in the section that is most appropriate. Questions about applying to medical colleges in Pakistan should be posted in the Pakistan Medical Schools forum, NOT in Med Studentz Lounge.

Search, Search, Search!

Be sure to use the search feature before creating a new topic. By using the Search bar in the top-right section of the site you will be able to find an answer faster than posting and waiting for others to reply.

Private Messaging Staff
Do not send private messages to the site staff if you have a question that can be easily answered on the forums. If you ask your question via private message you will not receive an answer.


Links in a signature to commercial websites are not allowed unless specific approval by an Administrator has been given. All posts that are advertising any service or product without consent of the board's administration will be deleted. This site's purpose is to help others, not serve as your advertising forum.

Use the Like Button
If another member creates a post that you find useful, please be sure to click on the "Like" button that shows up in the bottom right corner of their post. Please do not reply to the post and simply say "thank you". Writing "thank you" as a reply adds unnecessary posts and makes it harder for other users to find useful information as efficiently.

Duplicate Accounts
Each person is only allowed one account. Anyone found using duplicate accounts will have both accounts banned. There are no exceptions to this policy.


In posting on Med Studentz you are agreeing that your posted work may be reused by the site in any way that the Administrators and/or Moderators deem appropriate without seeking any further permission but with due attribution where appropriate to the originator. You also agree that your account and any posts made become permanent property of this community. Due to the way that a forum functions, we are unable to grant any requests for your posts or accounts to be deleted. If you ask us, we will simply refer you to this rule.


All pirated content is strictly prohibited. Please do not post or submit any material which you do not specifically own the rights to. Any copyrighted material that is posted without proper permission from the owner will be deleted immediately and your account will be banned. Please do not put us in this difficult position -- respect the copyright of all content.
Users who choose to ignore or violate these rules will be banned.