Hey everyone! It's nice to log in after while, just thought I'd start a thread and see what members have to say.

I am currently a freshman in college, and until a couple weeks ago I was hard core Dentistry fan. The hours, no emergencies, low liability insurance, etc. Lately I started volunteering at a hospital by my house. Not doing anything hands on, just sit around at the reception desk and help people find where to go. But the more I volunteer at the hospital the more I am starting to like medicine. The prestige of being a doctor, the vastness of medicine, the break through in technology and science in medicine everyday. I think I'm a little confused. Do I want to let go of great hours and no emergencies, for a field thats mind blowingly interesting, and prestigious?

Just asking for your honest thoughts and opinions.
(Hoping not to get bashed, I hope this forum is the same way I left it)