I was recently doing some research about Caribbean schools and came across some basic info and latest stats and tidbits about SGU. Hopefully this can help with someone elses research.

St. George?s University, Grenada, West Indies

Classes first began January 17, 1977.

The campus is situated on the True Blue Peninsula of the island of Grenada, West Indies. Grenada is an independent nation within the British Commonwealth located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. The climate in Grenada is very tropical, but is tempered by a nearly constant sea breeze with the prevailing winds coming from the northeast. The rainy season runs from June to December.

Average GPA and MCAT Scores*

Undergraduate: 3.34
Undergraduate Science: 3.26
Graduate: 3.59

Verbal Reasoning: 9
Physical Science: 9
Biological Science: 10

*Registered Freshmen, August 2008; North American Matriculated Students

SGU offers programs in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Arts & Sciences.

School of Medicine enrollment: 4,075
School of Veterinary Medicine enrollment: 504
School of Arts & Sciences enrollment: 845

FAQs for students are available here:

You can find information about available programs, info about residencies, admission requirements, costs, financial aid info and more at the link above.

According to surveys of their graduates, 99% of their U.S. eligible graduates obtain residencies, generally their first or second choice. More info about alumni residency here:

Also, accreditations and approvals:

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